Services Achieving Excellence Together

The amount of medication destroyed on a daily basis in LTC is nauseating. We have engineered a plan to help residents and facilities save money while also decreasing the amount of time your staff spends destroying medications. We will handle almost all of your medication destruction.

We offer the industry's leading eMar. As a long standing partner with our eMar vendor, we have developed a unique and very successful eMar implementation plan. With our focus on customer service, we developed our own, in-house training and support program for our eMar product. We do not rely on an outside source, or the eMar vendor, to provide these services. This leads to a more personal, better experience for you and your staff.

Our talented billing staff works hard to save your residents and facility money every day. We have developed a system to monitor potential savings through various reporting and accounting services. Our billing staff works diligently to insure our invoices and statements are accurate and timely.

Our billing staff also has the ability to bill Medicare Part B for durable medical equipment, which includes diabetic testing supplies. The ability to have one provider for all of your products makes it easier on your staff.

We provide medication and treatment carts. We allow you, the facility, to choose what sizes, colors, and finishes you would like for your medication and treatment carts. These can vary from the traditional white medication carts to the designer wood grain finishes.

We can also provide custom In Room Medication Cabinets. This option is available to those who do not want to utilize medication carts.

Our medical records department can provide month to month MARs, TARs, and Diabetic Sheets. These documents are available in either paper or electronic forms. We have the capability of providing custom medical records with any information you need to better serve your residents.

We provide daily deliveries to our customers. Depending on your location, we can provide multiple deliveries a day. We also provide STAT deliveries 24/7/365 for emergencies and after hours needs.

Our extremely skilled team of consultant pharmacists are equipped to meet your every need. Our consultants utilize the most complete consulting software available on the market. This allows our consultants to improve safety and efficiencies at your facility, while monitoring and evaluating all of the necessary components to keep your facility pharmacy deficiency free.

We have created a nursing triage department very unique to the LTC pharmacy landscape. Give us a call to learn how our nursing staff can enhance your pharmacy provider experience.

Community Pharmacy is a national forerunner in the use of technology in the LTC industry. We offer world class pharmacy software, industry leading document management software, the nation's best eMAR product, precision robotics for filling prescriptions, mobile scanning devices for deliveries, custom reporting via our web portal, and unrivaled pharmacy consulting software. We also have interfacing capabilities with numerous electronic health records and many eMAR products available on the market today. Check out our TECHNOLOGY tab for more details. Click here

We are staffed 7 days a week and are available to provide medications 24/7/365.

We utilize 28 day punch cards, which allow for consistent medication delivery days and seamless dispensing of the Affordable Care Act Short Cycle Dispensing. Punch cards are the best dispensing system to monitor and curb medication diversion.