Technology Achieving Excellence Together

Best in Class Pharmacy Software

Our pharmacy software is the industry's only solution created specifically for long-term-care pharmacies and their unique processes. Bar coding technology is utilized throughout the entire prescription filling process, to help ensure a high level of safety and accuracy for your residents and staff.

As a national leader in the utilization of technology in LTC pharmacies, we pride ourselves in our ability to create safer and more efficient solutions for our customers. We work hard to stay on the front edge of technology to ensure our customers have the best pharmacy partner in the industry.

Industry Leading Document Management and Delivery Software

Paperless Document Management!

We utilize the industry's premier document management software. Not only do we use far less paper than most pharmacies, we are able to access documents, orders, and prescriptions from any point in time at the push of a button. The instantaneous access of information not only helps us at Community Pharmacy, but our customers also enjoy the immediate availability of every document they have ever faxed us.

Paperless Deliveries!

Our state-of-the-art delivery system allows for the same accuracy and precision of a professional delivery company. When Community Pharmacy delivers your residents' medications, they are scanned at your facility and signed for by authorized facility personnel. Within minutes, your staff will have a faxed receipt of what was delivered to your facility. This expedited process allows for ultra-accurate record keeping and less time dealing with the delivery of medications.

Innovative Robotic Medication Packaging

Ultra Accurate Medication Packaging!

Over half of the medications packaged at Community Pharmacy are done by industry leading robotics. Allowing robotics to package medications increases the accuracy of our dispensing of medications, thus a safer product for our customers.

Best eMAR Product Available

We have partnered with the best eMAR product on the market today. Our eMar product is considered the nation's top rated eMAR for both Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities. Community Pharmacy is one of the only Preferred Platinum Pharmacy Partners in the country. We achieved this status by providing unparalleled service, support, and training compared to our peers in our industry. We are proud to offer this solution coupled with our own training and 24/7/365 support. Managing our own training and support has further separated us from our competition in the evolving world of electronic medical records. Contact us for further details on how our eMar can improve your efficiency, reduce potential for errors, and enhance your profitability.

Pharmacist Consulting Software

At Community Pharmacy, our Consultant Pharmacists utilize the industry's top rated consulting software to perform their monthly or quarterly chart reviews. This powerful product brings efficiency and safety to your residents and facility. Our consultants focus is to prevent pharmacy-deficiencies on facility surveys while providing above-and-beyond consulting services.

Interfacing Capabilities

By utilizing the best pharmacy software on the market, we have the ability to interface with most SNF and ALF software applications, from ALF assessment software to SNF complete electronic healthcare records. Our powerful HL7 and NCPDP interfacing options allow Community Pharmacy to further integrate with your facility and your residents records. This bridging of information leads to increased communication lines between our pharmacy and your facility, strengthening our healthcare partnership.