Testimonials Achieving Excellence Together

"We have had other pharmacy providers, but no one has been near as great as Community Pharmacy. It is evident they try harder than everyone else. We are more than satisfied with everything they offer." -SNF Administrator

"It is imperative for our customers at our facilities and our staff at Community Pharmacy to understand we are working TOGETHER, as one team, toward our common goal of taking care of "our" residents." -Community Pharmacy: Pharmacist in Charge

"I am impressed at the promptness and accuracy of our invoices every month. I can tell they put a lot of effort into their billing processes." -SNF Accounts Payable Manager

"Learning the complexity of the LTC pharmacy operation was a mind opening experience when I started working here. As a nurse on the other side at the facility, I had no idea how much was done behind the scenes to provide this critical piece of the healthcare puzzle." -Community Pharmacy: Nurse Consultant

"The technology utilized at Community Pharmacy is impressive, to say the least. It is obvious they are dedicated to providing the best and safest care possible." -ALF Administrator

"We understand the importance of our job at Community Pharmacy. People's lives are in our hands and we treat each and every one of our patients as if they were our own parents or grandparents." -Community Pharmacy: Pharmacy Technician

"The atmosphere at Community Pharmacy is awesome. Everyone there is nice and helpful. They really grasp the team mentality and care about our residents." -ALF Director of Healthcare

"We are aware that mistakes will happen because humans are involved, but the systems in place at Community Pharmacy, compared to every other LTC pharmacy I have seen, are above and beyond what is done at any other pharmacy to ensure order accuracy." -Community Pharmacy: Staff Pharmacist

"Having nurses on staff here at Community Pharmacy who have worked at ALFs and SNFs gives us a great perspective on what is needed and expected on the facility side. It is easy for us to relate to their needs, because we have people on our staff who have walked many miles in those nursing shoes at the facility." -Community Pharmacy: Staff Pharmacist

"Our billing department always goes the extra mile to help our residents save money. They work very hard to produce prompt and accurate statements every month." -Community Pharmacy: Director of Business Development